Monday, March 29, 2010's just one of those moments where everything is so clear.

In these past few days, everything is starting to become clearer.
It began yesterday when my church had its annual
dessert auction and along with the lord's supper. We started out with
the youth band rockin' it out. I start feel myself getting lost within the
music, when I feel a little hand tug on my shirt, it's Ashley
one of my kindergarten students that I teach. I picked her up and she
just rested her head on my shoulder. It was amazing the power and sheer
awe that I felt in that moment, with her in my arms and in the presence
of my Lord, everything just clicked. In that moment nothing else mattered, not
my family a few rows back or my friends standing behind and beside me. This moment
was special, it was between me and my Heavenly Father.
This was it, this was what I've been waiting for. I found the very thing I was sent here to do.
The very thing my Heavenly father vowed me to live for.
It was just one of those moments where everything was so clear.
Monday, March 29th, 2010.
My family has never been the the perfect family, but then again
whose family is perfect. My family has always had its downs more than
it's ups, but one thing is true about my family is that we are One Unit. In
times of need we all come together put aside our differences and
conquer the task at hand. We love each other just in our own
individual way.
Last night so many things happened; I've never seen the happiness just
eminate off of my cousin Kenny before when my grandfather told him that he
was so proud of him and his dreams.
It just takes one act of compassion and love to start a downpour of events
that will change a person, to help grow their faith into something amazing.
My grandfather told me that he was proud of me and what I've become.
He is proud of my mother for raising me to become the women I am today. Just to see
the joy and unselfish pride in he eyes and voice were enough to finalize my thoughts
on what I thought I needed to do. It set the plans in motion for me, gave me focus.
The final thing he said to me just set me on fire with wonder and amazement.
As Mikeschair sings" It takes just one spark to make the fire burn."
My grand father today told me that he is going to fix things with my mother.
That was the moment when I think my heart broke, all the bitterness, the
hate, the discontentment I have felt over time just melted away,
leaving my heart brand new and blazing.
Today is the start of a new era, a new me. And with the
help of my God, family and friends, I truely believe that anything is possible.
The sky is the limit for me now!

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